During the edition of the QATAR PRIX ARC DE TRIOMPHE @ PARISLONGCHAMP, aderassa.studio managed and monitored the entire racetrack display network (420 screens) from our HQ in PRINCETON, New Jersey, USA..

Les objectifs attendus :
– Give more visibility to partners
– Increase sales of concessions
– Intensify the visitor experience

For this event we have created:
– An internal TV channel for promotion and information
Menu boards
Instagram-like content totems

As well as information tools:
– Digital signage
– Orientation totems
– Dynamic timetable of races


Digital signage allows to reduce the use of static signage (printed on support) and can be adapted according to the location, time of the day and the event to which one wishes to direct.

In the case of the QPAT 100, the digital signage broadcast the QPAT CHANNEL (internal TV channel created for the event), as well as the display of the logos of the official partners.

This device was supplemented by orientation totems (display of the location and the map of the event).


Menu Boards are strategic elements for concessions as they allow:
– display the products and offers available in real time
– highlight  products and offers

and thus stimulate sales at the best times of the event.

QPAT 100 was an opportunity for PARISLONGCHAMP to deploy a network of attractive menu boards its catering outlets.


For the first time PARISLONGCHAMP inaugurates an innovative display system for the races program incorporating a dynamic display of racing times as well as the announcement of the next upcoming race on the internal TV channel created for the event.


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