“Champions keep playing until they get it right.”

Billie Jean King / Tennis player

Digital signage

Value & Promote your services & concessions

Why invest in digital signage software for hundreds of screens if the efficiency and quality of your content is not up to your investment? aderassa.studio is taking care of this for you.

  • For concessions (Menu Boards)

  • For Wayfinding

  • For advertising / promote upcoming events

  • For suites / VIP services

  • For fascia / banners / LED screens

Mobile app

Your venue in the hand of your attendees

Today a mobile app is the venues interactive business card that fits in your visitors’ hands. aderassa.studio makes it as attractive and ergonomic as possible.

  • For venues

  • For teams

  • For Wagering / betting

Fan Experience

Enhance your relationship with your attendees

Digital media are today major tools in the development of the Fan Experience. aderassa.studio experts are supporting you in the definition of efficient strategies and the design for these tools.

  • For kiosks

  • For dedicated websites & online platforms

  • For Social medias

  • For events content